Burst Into Flames

Uncertainty, disorder, a protest
The mind control at its best
Fear, suspicion, a sword
Prescription against written word

A step should be taken but which direction?
Toss a coin with your life to get reflection
Decide what couldn’t be decided
The judgment has been divided

Burst into flames
You shall get a curse upon you
Burst into flames
You shall be punished too
Burst into flames
You shall burn together with me
Burst into flames
You shall feel this agony

Disinter the amulet of chaos and storm
In this very moment of reversal and reform
In flames of resurrection it will become true
They will all vanish away before I do

Only charred skeleton left on the pole
The amulet still in the hand of the haunted
In the middle of the square one torn soul
Thinking of this life of being unwanted


Repeat Chorus

Executioners will be forgotten
But the hate will not disappear
My carcass will be all rotten
But the hunt will go on year after year

Repeat Chorus