Forced Confession

Nine lives, two more to go to be killed
I can still afford to lose one
Nine judgments, seven of them fulfilled
Is this the last one until all is done?

After seeing the hereafter and the past
The running is forlorn, you’re still the last
After seeing the fear on persecutors face
The silence is wisdom that they embrace

Forced confession
The last resort I take
And still not so strong
Forced confession
I’m sure it will break
Extruded from my lips of faith
Forced confession
By cruel submission
Rendered from me by hate

Anguished way through pain and torture
The crowd is eager to hear this scorcher
Confess, confess! We would like to kill
I must confess, judge me if you will

Repeat Chorus

Prejudice spreads like a wildfire
Everyone wants to stick their thorns in my flesh
Life of mine has reached the time to expire
I was forced to be someone else
There’s no way out from this chamber of hell
This is the end, now it’s time for farewell