Splinters underneath my nails
I'm drowning in the shallow water
I can feel my vital functions fail
White-hot iron doesn't bother

Tearing and cutting my flesh to shreds
Like a demon in heavens' clarity I shout
My lungs won't bear this pain that spreads
But no sound comes from my mouth

Can I survive this HELL?

Do you want to confess?
I hear the brooding question
What would I win for this?
Merciful death with discretion

Through the mist I see the hazy outline
The figure of the swelling crowd
Hooks attached all over my spine
If I would confess, better make it loud

May the torture be with you my friend
You shall hear the claim that they contend
Harrowing agony delivered by fiends
They obey rage! Torment until rapture ends
I bite my lips until I taste the blood
They ask again: Still think there is no God?
Think twice before you reply
It defines if it's time to die

They have to get the certainty
That I'm enraptured
Hunting continues but I'm not free
The prey has been captured
Is this justice or pure fear?
The hunting of the truth is near

Can I survive this HELL?

Now I can only lose
It seems I have to choose
No matter what I say or agree
Everything turns against me


Repeat chorus