Within Hammer And Tongs

Human being becoming an animal
The taste of life is strong and deep
My chances to survive are dead and gone
But this is the thing I want to keep

I don’t easily give up this fight
Even if they would kill me right here
Maybe I can use the cover of night
The confrontation is growing near

They can’t bring me down
If I would kill them first
They can’t take my own
If I announce them to be cursed

Within hammer and tongs I resist
All those who stand on my way to win
They shall get the taste of my fist
A hundred needles bitten into my skin
I feel no pain at all…

If I have to relinquish something
Freedom would be the last thing
Humanity is easier to vacate
The primal instinct will awake

There’s a slight chance to escape
But it’s one in a million to succeed
I hope I won’t make a mistake
Because if I do I will certainly bleed

Something in me tells me to quit
I wouldn’t want to but I have to admit
I’m defeated, there’s not much to do
I’m the last in line but that I already knew

Repeat Pre-Chorus

Repeat chorus


Repeat chorus