Wounded And Defeated

What is this endless persecution?
I ask myself as I bow down
Is this some kind of retribution?
I don’t want to wear this crown

Head between my knees
I’m not able to move
I can’t think about my bad deeds
So what I need to prove?

Deeply wounded
Condemned as innocent
Giving up everything
That meant something
Totally defeated
Without compassion
Without being needed
It’s time for confession

Drop of blood drains to sand
Wind blows it to fade away
I would need a helping hand
So what I have to say?

These marks remain forever
I’m well aware of that
This pain won’t release me ever
So I’m justified to be sad

Repeat Chorus

Scars are not formed yet
The wounds are burning still
Keep inside the hate they fed
Maybe this strengthens my will

I lick my wounds and it tastes bitter
This is like a contrived piece of rumor
Am I called by chance to be the quitter?
The fate has sarcastic sense of humor


Repeat Chorus