Later on the breathing has calmed down
But still I feel like I’m going to drown
Pulse in my head is growing stronger
By accident they are hunting no longer

Bloodthirsty have now left behind
In false beliefs they have entwined
Minion of devil, they have claimed
But never before I’ve been blamed

Let’s play hide-and-seek
Soon they will find me
This game is not for the weak
Stay here and you’ll see
Let’s play hide-and-seek
No more excuses
They are hunting this freak
My time reduces

They can smell your fear when you’re alone
Although you would crawl under the stone
Impossible to find a place to hide
They dig you up into the daylight

Heathens are dancing, let’s set the fire
The idolaters you shouldn’t admire
Heathens are singing, let’s drown the liar
The devilish event around the pyre

They can smell your fear from miles away
Hold your breath and keep your head lower
Knife on the throat you’ll most likely obey
One wrong move and the game is over


Repeat Chorus x 2