Witch Hammer (Malleus Maleficarum)

The book has burned its sign on me
There’s nothing I can do anymore
Some of them deny and some agree
This is the cause I should die for
Words floating between my lips
But my opinion has no power
It’s like a moment before the eclipse
A moment when despair is gaining over

Dark clouds gathering above us
Rain falls down from the heavens
Nervous crowd starting to cuss
Deadly sins are counted to seven

Witch hammer, you have to read and obey
Witch hammer, this is only truth to say
Witch hammer, follow these pages or pay
Witch hammer, divine instructions in dismay

Will I survive through all these blames?
Daunted faces watching the skies
Under my feet there’s dying flames
Convulsion of nature prevent my demise

Thus they’ll see the guideline of this book
The written lines of the witch hammer
This dark tome in their hands they took
The justice and threw it to a slammer

Here’s the book that you should follow
Every maggot and sinner on the earth
Here’s the book of justice to swallow
To everyone who’s named devils’ worth

Stigmata on my sore skin
I have to sell my soul
The most precious thing
The very same they stole

These signs I will carry forever
To the end until I die
Maybe I can cope over a night
If I hide behind the lie

Repeat Chorus x 2