Hunters Of Divine Society

I run like the wind with the hunters on my back
The road I roam is dingy and the sky is black
Struggling ahead with my blinded eyes
A little gleam of light would be nice

Hunters of divine society
Death squad by the grace of God
Guardians of propriety
They’re insane so the words are in vain

Hunters approaching with the scent of my lie
They’re few steps behind but still in full cry
They’ve chosen me to be the next in line
Hunters of morality from society divine

The dying breeze catches anger from the north
I sense it and run away for all I’m worth
Flames in their eyes burning red and bright
Everyone is in killing mood tonight


Repeat Chorus

Drooling like a beast in front of a knife
With the only purpose to end this life
Like a hungry wolf or a rabid dog
Cause doesn’t matter, just throw the first rock!

Cruel sounds are reaching my ears
I know that means they are gone
I have seen this through hundred years
Can’t stop now, must carry on

Repeat Chorus x 2