The dominant species rule the land
Nothing matters what others demand
We’re alone on the top of the food chain
Kill all that moves just for fun and pain

It will breed among our nation
To crush down the creation
It will take you under control
And tear apart your immortal soul

Invincible creature
New king of the nature
You have met your equal kind

The spreader of madness
The bringer of distress

You can’t hide anywhere
It will find you after all
Go and try to run somewhere
You cannot climb a straight wall

Breaking down to your brain
In your mind begins a hard rain
This storm you couldn’t shelter
You shall meet your executioner

Be quiet, it can hear you talking
Be still, it can see you moving
You have met your equal kind


Almighty suppressor
The lord of the torture
You have met your equal kind

Repeat Chorus x 2