Shower of Accusations

Flaming hair sweeping her shoulder
She shall have a burden to behold
The burden that doesn't belong her
The burden that she hasn't been told

Ignorant about the coming downfall
She quietly enters the silent room
Pale faces show no mercy at all
A moment before the final doom

Great shower of accusations
From the jaws of hostile nations
Total denial: the only salvation
Keep the distance to your temptation

Heathen! They're shouting at once
After a while the silence falls
Wondering, what she has done
Frowned sights from the crowded walls

Now or never! Execute this evil sorceress
Otherwise she flies away to serve the devil
Don't lose yourself in her deceitful caress
She's devious and with lust she may revel

For a moment she hesitates and steps aside
Quick glance, there's no place to hide
She declaims the words: None shall come closer!
Behold this event to come...


Repeat chorus

Lightning strikes and she's vanished away
The judgment day is coming
Disbelievers are forced to obey
Sealed lips of faith are humming

Repeat chorus