Existence is a game from the beginning
Became estranged from life long time ago
Just waiting till the earth stops spinning
Again over wastelands the cold winds blow

For a while I haven’t felt pain anymore
Erase me from the board until you’re done
This game makes me sick and totally bored
Finish this nonsense before it kills all the fun

Checkmate... I steal the time
Checkmate… from your life
Checkmate… every time you fail
Checkmate… again and again

Your moves so dexterous making me nervous
Diabolic scowl in the corner of your eye
Deadly punch is near just waiting for us
The havoc is here now that I can’t deny


The rules have now changed for worse
I’m playing like in the fires of hell
Using all skills from my exhausted source
I’m hoping that my struggle ends well

Do you know the price of living?
It’s life itself as it is
The only thing that you are giving
It’s the time of yours after this

Repeat chorus