In The Arms of Bitterness

Everything has its meaning, right?
I thought like this but then I saw
A row of meaningless events in sight
That proved me wrong with a single draw
Memories that are burning
Corroding acid under my skin
They’ve been engraved too deep
I’m diving into astral sleep

Peace of mind versus anxiety
This fight will end eventually
I found a covert sanctuary
In the arms of bitterness
Trying to hold my head up high
And I’m still wondering why
They took it all away from me
The mask of my human dignity

I bathe in the filth of my own
And see the ever-taunting clown
Could I be more than a man?
Or be less and be crushed like an ant
Just taking my first steps again
I’m no good for anyone here
Always falling down to the ground
Seeking a helping hand

Hoping to see...hoping to see... hoping to see
The change coming
Hoping to see...hoping to see... hoping to see
Cannot be here anymore

Burden increases day by day
I didn’t choose to be this way
You did ring a bell of death to me
My wishes faded in unreality

Repeat chorus x 1,5