Dancing To The Demon's Tune

Drunken from the force
I give commands to fools
On the frantic course
I will create the rules
An autocrat in my kingdom
One’s life in my left hand
Sitting above the Son
Diverged from the Promised Land
My finger on the button
Awaiting an excuse
To see the life of the forgotten
Hanging from the noose

Here we are dancing to the demon’s tune
You’re not living in this world if you disagree
Like the coldest winter in the middle of June
All feelings freeze inside spreading the misery

Hell no! I refuse to crawl
Why should I obey anyone?
Or care about anything at all
For now not to feel so small
I look at the burning sun
And despise this mortal toll
Still growing up to infinity
Stay here, wait for the divide
I’m heading towards divinity
Now choose your side!

Chop off the heads for my pleasure
Fill up your bowls
You can feast now with the treasure
Upraise your souls
The conscience is the worst
Escort at the final gate
Your time is running out
To support neither joy nor hate


Repeat chorus