Dominion, power, glory and might
Available now for anyone
Still for trusted few at night
Exclusive shared for no-one
Don’t expect too much from the king
So you won’t be too disappointed
Your role is to be an underling
For them who are sitting on their thrones

In corridors of power
The doors are tightly sealed
In corridors of power
The orders are revealed
In corridors of power
They've been hiding the truth
In corridors of power
Intruders: They will be shot

You are a bug to be crushed by force
Revere deeply and thank for the beating
Prepare to suffer for finding the source
You know the truth: They've been cheating
This time you’ll keep the right to live
You can offer them nothing for good
Each time you fall asleep they’ll deceive
See your changes from under your hood


Drape your hand, accept this gift
The gift whose worth only you can see
Have to be vigilant wherever you drift
Conditioned to obey the powers that be
Congratulations for humanity
All other rights you have to renounce
Only once you’ve had your serenity
It’s all gone with intention to trounce

Wiles intertwining each other constantly
Getting entangled to this filthy lie
Like a spider spinning her web leisurely
You’ll become eaten alive
You’ll be enchained for the rest of your days
No longer needed, enter the twilight
Eyes of authority fervently ablaze
In despair you'll stay out of sight

Repeat chorus x 2