Dethroned to Be Thriven

Cruel sentence to the worthless being
Once again you shall see the force
Enthroned to a pedestal to be seen
Exemplary for all without remorse
A value will be priced for every soul
How much would you pay for yours?
Never shared for those who are foul
How much it takes to win this war?

Dethroned to be thriven now just for once
Alone in the dark they should fade
Dethroned to be thriven now take this punch
(For my last dance with death)
Only this way rulers can be made

Too easy to lock myself away
Inferior and condemned to death
Languished in jail waiting for the day
Defined to take my very last breath
Are you willing to make a concession?
Are you ready to forget and forfeit?
Take a sight in another obsession
To see the truth behind the greed

Repeat chorus


So lower your arrogant leer
To your knees by my demand
This way you can really see how
Unsteady is the base you stand
Distorted features easier to blame
Stand behind your actions taken
Devalued creatures in grip of pain
The authority of the forsaken

Repeat chorus

Uprightness is utopia for all of your kind
Sense of justice is forever lost and buried
Nothing at all from the bottom you'll find
Only deep guilt and distress to be carried

Dethroned to be thriven…
Dethroned to be thriven…
Dethroned to be thriven…
Dethroned to be thriven…